Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Online Panic Attacks BookStore Launched

Before working with E3 Publishing House Limited, I had heard very little about panic attacks, apart from the film 'analyse this'. Panic attacks are far more common and a lot more people than I would have realised before. Its like when you buy a new car, suddenly, everyone has the same car as you - you begin to take notice.. as soon as I started working on a website about panic attacks, I seemed to meet people who had suffered them. Most people will know at least one person who has faced the terror of panic attacks and I believe that the book by Lorraine Mason - 'Panic Attacks - Five Steps To Freedom' would help very much.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


New apartments added to Alicante property website

Alicante costa blanca apartments to rentJust finished uploading new pictures, apartment rental rates and descriptions to the Elite Property Management website. Based in Rojales, Spain, Elite Property Management Rent Apartments and Villas in Spain. Now that the pages are uploaded I can go back to working on the website for newly released panic attacks book 'Panic Attacks - Five Steps To Freedom' .

Think I will go to bed for a well earned 3 hour power nap first!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Greater Manchester Translation & Interpretation Agency Launch

Manchester Language ServicesToday we finally launch the eagerly awaited website for IBC Language Services in Bolton. This site has been active for the last month with a basic place holder but today we will make the whole website live. What makes this website special to us is that it marks our expansion into the field of Multilingual search engine marketing. In conjunction with IBC Language Services, we hope to bring British businesses the help they need in establishing a foothold in the global economy.

Another service which we will help advertise in the coming months is language tuition in Bolton, for which we have established the blog 'Bolton Spanish Lessons' which the owner of IBC Language Services hopes to use as an on-line tool in conjunction with one on one Spanish tuition in people's homes. If you are interested in learning Spanish in Bolton or need quality Language assistance then please visit Manchester

Monday, January 30, 2006


New database of North West Wedding Venues

Modern WeddingsOne of our newer clients, Modern Weddings Photography & Wedding planning, have had a website for quite a number of years but the site was not really optimised for search engines. As a result we are working tirelessly to get their website up in the rankings for numerous search praises - primarily "Bolton Wedding Photographer".

Although seo work can take time, especially in such a competitive marketplace such as wedding photography, the rewards are long term. You can spend hundreds of pounds each week in newspaper advertisements, but once the ads have finished, your reach does too. The best way to invest in long term marketing is to get your website ranked well in the search engines, have lots of people come to it and most importantly: Bookmark it.

With Modern Weddings, in addition to basic page optimisation, we have worked in conjunction with the company in bringing some of their print content into the world wide domain - in this case, a list of Bolton / Manchester and North West Wedding venues - a valuable time saving resource to couples looking to get married. Once this new content is indexed we feel confident that it will have a direct effect on the amount of sales leads sourced from the web site.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Increased Bandwidth to our hosting packages

Our hosting packages have been increased today by as much as 10gb per month. The reason is two fold. Initially we took the sensible approach to web hosting - we design and maintain web sites ourselves and therefore we know that most websites only take up a few MB of space and even with thousands of hits per month, a well designed site will never really take much of a drain on server resources or bandwidth. With this in mind we allocated quite small but reasonable amounts of bandwidth and web space to client's sites.

Upon opening up our hosting services to the general public, we tend to get a few 'tyre kickers' who tell you ' hosting company B is giving you 20GB of bandwidth per month' - to which I would reply - ' if you can use it, buy it'. The only exception I would find to this where we are increasingly hosting websites for local bands in Manchester and Bolton. The use of mp3 on music websites to promote unsigned bands is an excellent development on the internet but can take a bit more of a toll on bandwidth and with this in mind we now quite happily increase bandwidth on all our hosting packages.

However, we still believe that for the average business user with a small mini site ( 1-4 pages ), you do not need such a big web hosting package so the next time you are told you need to pay over £40 per year for your hosting, think before you sign up.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Bouncy Castle Sales Blog

Bouncy Castles for saleWith a new season approaching, one of our clients: Bouncy castle manufacturer Ready Steady Bounce Ltd require our promotional services. The Bouncy Castle sales market is a very competitive one with the majority of sales being driven by ecommerce.

The importance of getting ahead in Google and other search engines is tantamount and with this in mind, we will endeavour over the next couple of months to work on phrases such as Bouncy Castle Sales, Bouncy Castles for sale and other such well searched keyword combinations.

The first things to analyse when you make the decision to market your website is a) Who are the competition and how are they marketing their website? and b) what do people type into search engines to find my products and services. One good way of doing this would be to ask a few people ( who are not related to the industry in question ) to write down what they would type into Google to find 5 of your products or services. Once you have your five basic search terms worked out, you can begin to market them.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Search Engine usage

A recent report on search engine usage by tech company Nielsen/NetRatings has shown the that as many as 46.3% of all internet searches originate with Google. This does not seem as such a surprise to many, including myself; but think for a second.. that leaves over half of all other searches going though other search engines and directories.
Everyone goes on about how important it is to get your site ranked high in Google: they are not wrong. But to focus all your attention on just one search engine is like placing your proverbial eggs in one basket. The other two search engines to get into double figures were
Yahoo with 23.4% and Msn search with 11.4%.

Once these three search engines are tackled, we are still left with over 18% of search queries coming from other sources.. the principles being AOL (6.9% - but powered by Google Search) and

So the next time you have someone ring you up, saying that they can get you into the top rankings on Google; ask them where else they are going to get you ranked..

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